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I started this company about 10 years ago. I've been in the door business for over 40 years. Last year I made a little over 100K. You could do the same when I retire. More if you can find just one other good installer. I currently turn down as much work as I do, being one man I can only do so much. There are slow times as you know if you've been in this business for a while. Pay while working for me will be per door. I plan to retire in the next seven years, I'll owner finance the company to you for $800.00 a month for 12 years. My accountant says that's way too cheap so I know that's a good deal. I came up with that number because it'll be easy to pay, that's just one service call a week. If this sounds good to you send me an email with your job history, just garage doors, and your contact info.

Send to galvestongaragedoors@yahoo.com

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